The Firm

Barbara Dziorney Architect is a full service architectural firm. Our services include Residential and Commercial Architecture, Interior Design, Zoning and Feasibility Studies and Project Management.

Our architectural practice specializes in custom residential homes and additions and is dedicated to providing design solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients from design conception through construction .We provide well-designed, creative and detailed plans that maximize the use of space and flow within the house while paying careful attention to design details that contribute to the overall aesthetic image of the house.

As we embark on the design journey we employ the following principals:


Critical to the success of any design project is the ability of the Architect to listen to the client and to understand and distill their needs and desires into a design that is both beautiful and highly functional.

Analyzing & Understanding

Prior to commencing the design process we analyze the context and environment of the proposed design. This includes but is not limited to the analysis of existing structure and its spatial flow, style and detailing, the zoning regulations of the community, the surrounding built environment and history as well as the natural environment including orientation, topography, flora, exposure, natural light and views.

Collaborating & Creating

Each design project is a unique solution to a particular set of requirements and circumstances. The design process involves collaboration between the Architect and the Client as they explore various design options. This process is similar to a Sudoku Puzzle as it involves flexibility and the willingness to try different solutions until the optimal solution is found.

Sustaining the Environment

We are constantly researching state of the art materials and resources to create energy efficient, ecological and environmentally sensitive design solutions.